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Northern California Record: Tenant of Peralta Street property alleges mold problems were not addressed

A tenant is seeking damages from her landlords over their alleged failure to abate a mold problem in the unit she rented.

KPIX: San Francisco Apartment From Hell: Tenants Sue Landlord Over Sewage In Sinks, Blood-Stained Walls

Home is where their hell is — that’s what tenants of a South of Market apartment building are trying to illustrate in a lawsuit that alleges a bevy of terrible living conditions despite paying market-rate rents.

Curbed SF: Inside the Nightmarish, Infested Building at the Center of the SoMa Landlord Lawsuit

After yesterday's allegations of downright scary conditions at 1751 Market, the SoMa building at the center of a lawsuit brought by dozens of tenants, a startling picture is emerging of the conditions inside the building.

East Bay Times: Pittsburg rapper A-Wax is a murder suspect, prosecutors reveal

Prosecutors dropped a bombshell at an afternoon court hearing Friday: that Bay Area rapper A-Wax was arrested earlier this week in connection with the investigation of a recent homicide.


Plaintiff Sean Gualillo sues the San Francisco Police Department, the City and County of San Francisco, and San Francisco police officers Milen Banegas and Brendan Caraway for false arrest and excessive force.

Solo Opera: Scalia/Ginsburg An Opera by Derrick Wang

Searching for a great way to put behind all the craziness that was 2020 and begin healing the divide between the right and left?

SFGate: Feeling at home: Bay Area real estate lawyers deal with the deeply personal 

A real estate lawyer is generally defined as an attorney who either litigates real estate cases or handles the legal aspect of a real estate transaction.

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