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The Right to Basic Housing Services

  • Heat, hot water, and working plumbing.

  • A weatherproof home without excessive leans and drafts.

  • Appropriate natural light and ventilation.

  • Construction according to code.

The Right to Health, Safety, and Privacy

  • A clean, pest-free environment without bugs or mice.

  • A home free of lead paint or excessive mold.

  • Doors and windows that close and lock.

  • Written notice before your landlord enters your home.

Renters have these rights!

Housing law in California says that tenants are entitled to the above baseline standards; it doesn't matter if you rent a house, an apartment, or a single room, and even if you are renting month to month or don't have a written lease.

Let's Work Together

We'll get back to you, but read this important message:

A lot of legal problems have deadlines.  We want to hear from you, but your contacting us doesn't create a legal relationship between us and doesn't stop those deadlines.  If you'd rather talk than email, give us a call at (415) 581-0885. .  

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